Welcome to V Gardens

V Gardens is the 21st version of the “Victory Gardens” of the WWII era.

This updated version takes elements from that successful effort and combines them under a 501c3 non profit program where veterans  enjoy a coordinated effort developing a producing, organic garden at their home or place of business.

Gardens may be done for the individual to help defray costs, improve diet or as a demonstration center for others to learn the skills and save money in the process.

It is the goal of V Gardens to empower all those interested in growing, whether they are veterans or not, to succeed and build a sustaining legacy through helping others.

CharliesGardens.org is in memory of  a great army veteran, my dad, and is our original effort which is geared more to education and empowerment for all those interested in growing and making a difference through growing.

VancesGardens.org is a navy veteran’s garden where you can see step by step the progress through the planting seasons.

Please continue to check back to our “growing” site

To your health!